I’m James Lomax, The Walking Photographer.

I’ve been running this site since 2005 as a presentation space for photographs and articles. My writing has changed a great deal and used to include semi academic pieces which sometimes lacked focus as I wrote them to continue university interests. There’s a vast amount of material here, some of it written years ago, which I would now edit or not write at all.

Similarly with my photographs, I now specialise in mountain and outdoors work coinciding with my hobby. Years ago again, I used to pursue other subjects.

My web site is a photo diary, gallery and catalogue, which I now use as the basis for publication material I’m developing offline.

You can buy my photographs (contact me) and I’m trying to find other ways of using what I think is high quality material. I’m not seeking traffic based on “interaction” irrespective of it’s meaning. In essence my site is more like an old school home page: in geek terms, Web One rather than Web Two. I’ve started working with video and maybe this sums me up:

BA (Hons) Literature and Psychology, PGCE (FE), MA Creative Technology, MA Photography. In my first MA degree I researched the photographic aesthetic to inform my projects in multimedia and video.

In my second MA in Photography I undertook major projects in environmental portraiture and jazz music, and mountain photography. Some of that material is archived here.

I’ve previously taught English, basic ICT, and for one year taught photography in schools and adult (FE) education. The tutor came back after maternity leave and I’ve been stuck in a corporate environment run by politicians who don’t describe themselves as such where your only function is to serve the system: not to think, question, or improve any part of it. I’m resisting the temptation to read Karl Marx and getting sent to hospital for hypertension. I plan to read George Orwell’s 1984 again to see what I missed the first time.

I’m featured in this book:

And this is me photographing in Manchester; someone had snapped me for a change:


High quality prints at approximately 11” x 8” for £15 (A4), and 16” x 10” for £25 (A3). Prices include postage and packing, different sizes available by special arrangement.

My photographs are produced with care at every stage. I make technical Photoshop adjustments only, replicating traditional darkroom techniques. I use a Canon 5D and L Series lenses.


To purchase my images as digital files or web-ready graphics contact me to discuss format, licensing and fees.


If you like my work and have a project in mind, short or long term, contact me as below.


Lake District photography and Pyrenees photography are where my greatest interests lie. I’ve also got 60,000 words I’m playing around with.


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james robert lomax