In theory, maps are not too difficult to understand. They show lakes, contours, crags, rivers, woodland, dwellings and more, from which you know where you are and where to go. Relating that information to what you see around you is another matter; I don’t find it easy. I went wrong here, taking a route down the hillside at the bottom, where there is no path. I thought I’d seen Lake Airoto down there which is where I was headed. In fact it was Lac Rosari Inferior, below the first lake you see here which is Rosari Superior. I was exhausted and the hillside was a foul experience of potholes, shrubbery and rocks, but I was determined to climb back up again and pitched my tent for the night twenty minutes below the second lake you can see. It took me about forty five minutes starting around 6.30. I considered camping down there in what was a pretty glade with comfortable flat grass. However that would have entailed a morning climb. I didn’t want the next day damaged too and for the first time I’ve experienced in the Pyrenees, the midges there were very bad. So I went into an altered state, I suppose, such as soldiers do when they march beyond their exhaustion. At the end of the climb I was staggering. All this drama, amongst inert rock.


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Monday November 5, 2012