This is a substantial crop from the raw photographic file, which is possible with the equipment I use while maintaining quality. I like it very much. The Restanca refuge is down below this lake; I stopped there for a quick drink before climbing up to my pitch for the night. You have to go down to the refuge, then up again. You can if you wish descend to a town at this point for supplies. The skyline peak is Montardo. I wanted to climb it the next day but low cloud and mist meant visibility of around fifty feet so it was pointless.

The flowers soften the stark beauty of these granite mountains. You need a small aperture for this kind of shot. When I want maximum depth of field I use f19 because with f22, the smallest possible on my lens, there’s optical degradation which is usually the case. For the same reason it’s not advisable to use your widest aperture if you don’t need to.

Here’s a wonderful passage in a wonderful book. Swimmer is one of the characters: “Swimmer claimed that above the blue vault of heaven there was a forest inhabited by a celestial race. Men could not go there to stay and live, but in that high land the dead spirit could be reborn. Swimmer described it as a far and inaccessible region, but he said the highest mountains lifted their dark summits into the lower reaches. Signs and wonders both large and small sometimes make transit from that world to our own” – Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier, 20.


Mountain Photography: Estany De Mar Flowers

Wednesday November 7, 2012