When I studied English Literature, I sometimes found I was more interested in critical studies than the books. This was problematic, pertaining to the demands of my degree and the authenticity of what you say. If you don’t read King Lear (although I did), how can you say anything about it? In fact, I’ve realised, you can do this as part of a perfectly legitimate process. There’s a dimension of ideas, interests, process, which you can discern from a thousand word review without reading the book. As art, you have to read the book. As an analysis of ideas, you don’t. I’ve just read a brief review of a new publication which “looks at the limits of language, the importance of art and perception, and the relation between the two”. She says that art (her name is Luce Iragary) can transform us. That’s hyperbole and silliness, but I do agree that the process of art sensitivity is educational. This notion ties in with mountain photography and what it represents.


Mountain Photography: Estany De Mar Flowers BW

Thursday November 8, 2012