“Because a thing is going strong now, it need not go strong for ever…this craze for motion has only set in during the last hundred years. It may be followed by a civilization that won’t be a movement, because it will rest upon the earth.”

E. M. Forster wrote that in 1910 in his novel Howards End (355). I don’t think we’re there yet. Data surveillance is more pervasive than ever and growing. Economists, journalists and politicians talk constantly in terms of growth. The economy has slowed, the economy is growing again, and no one considers what this growth obsession means. The resources of the earth are finite. We can’t keep ‘growing’ in which I include UK population.

There seems no escape. The motion is getting faster and that means a greater need for the earth. I like hill walking. There are other ways too such as bird watching, wild flower watching, noticing the living details of nature.


Details Of Nature: Chorlton Park Leaves

Wednesday January 9, 2013