This lake is used for an easy day walk up from Banos de Panticosa. After I’d stopped and had a snack a small group was approaching so I moved on. I decided I needed water and drank from it directly using my Steripen. It’s a marvellous gadget and the Pyrenees this year was the first time I used it. With access to streams and lakes it’s as convenient as drinking from a tap. There were big fish swimming a few feet away in deep water as the rocks dropped down steeply. I considered a swim. At the other side there were small fish in the shallows. They weren’t bothered if I stood and walked. With heavy footfall or a deliberate stamp they darted away to safety. It’s curious to think how acutely they’re attuned to their environment through vibration. I didn’t crop this shot. I increased saturation slightly, sharpened it, and nothing more.


Pyrenees Lakes: Ibon Dero Brazato

Friday December 13, 2013