The huge mountain ahead, seen here from Cuello de Brazato, is Vignemale at around 3000 metres. The col is 2550 metres. The HRP, GR11 and more so the GR10 don’t include Pyrenees peaks. If you want to climb a summit you have to add a day or two to your plans. You do however ascend many high level cols which are challenging in themselves. I spoke a little here with a Basque couple. I can’t remember where they lived but he asked me where I was walking. I explained my route with the aid of the GR11 book. He was familiar with some of it and told me the Ara Valley was down below to the right, an easy downhill walk. I expected this but it’s good to have confirmation from someone who knows the area.


Pyrenees Book: Cuello De Brazato

Monday December 16, 2013