Coming down from the Ara Valley you finally reach a car track area with these views. There’s a hut at the top of this track, Refugio d’Ordiso, which is closed and disused. I don’t know why because it’s easily reached in a prime location. It would make a superb base for one night on a long walk or a weekend trip. A man and wife were there with their young son, the man tinkering with a bicycle. Thirty minutes later they came tearing down the track which is a long downhill descent. The distant canyon is not Ordesa but the geology and appearance is similar. The rocks continue to the left a few miles and eventually become the Ordesa canyon. I went there a few years ago, up to the Goriz refuge then back over to France through the Breche de Roland. It’s certainly worth seeing but it is a huge canyon, not a place for mountain views, and as such I didn’t find it as exciting as most people do.

I rested at the Bujaruelo camp site the day after this photo, taking an easy walk in the afternoon to the valley on the right. It reminded me of Mosedale and gazing up to Pillar. Sometimes I imagine I’m in the Lake District or elsewhere in Britain. I get a tangible shift of feeling which reminds me of me. Wherever I go I experience myself. I find I’m almost in a trance sometimes on a hard walk. You can be lost in the mountains psychologically.


Pyrenees Photography Book: Approaching Bujaruelo

Tuesday December 24, 2013