This area sits between the university corridor and the part of Manchester called Hulme. Manchester University is quite prestigious for some subjects. They amalgamated with Manchester Metropolitan University some years ago. Together with The Manchester College in particular, the local student population is I understand the largest in Europe.

Hulme is a strange soulless place. It was rebuilt after a famous architectural disaster – cheap rabbit hutch flats know as the Crescents – conducive for social breakdown and the petty crime which follows. The name Hulme derives from a Danish term for a small island surrounded by water or marsh which it presumably used to be.

I watch this field every summer. It has a splendid though not large display of red poppies. I like wandering here to see them. I don’t know any other location where you find them in Manchester. Only a few were left. I saw them two or three weeks ago and should have come earlier. Yellow Welsh poppies are easier to find. I’ve seen them on a roadside at Burnage and growing, ignored, outside student houses in Withington. The flowers you see here are Ragwort.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Distillery Field

Monday August 4, 2014