This derelict house is at Clayton. In the last ten years Manchester has undergone an astonishing redevelopment. There used to be waste and derelict areas dotted around the city and they’ve now gone. Hundreds of people now live in the centre, possibly two or three thousand, I don’t know, with an exclusive apartment building at one end of the main road and the Hilton Hotel at the other. Newly built flats and expensive architecture is everywhere to be seen.

This house sits at a large derelict area perhaps ten miles away. Too expensive to repair, too expensive to demolish, no one wants to either build or live here, so it remains. Nature likes to spread and reclaim such places. I like it too. The reality is a problematic area of which this is emblematic. It’s strangely possible however to find something beautiful in warm summer light, with luxuriant wild flowers.


Manchester Wild Flowers: House

Wednesday August 20, 2014