I got two shots in this area where women stand seeking custom. I find the pictures oddly attractive with their deadpan aesthetic. There’s nothing there. The place has no meaning and yet has a great deal of meaning. You tell the story by not telling any story which is very contemporary.

Piccadilly railway station is not far from here. These arches are very old, possibly Victorian, from the Industrial Revolution. There were a few cars around here I took care not to identify. Nor did I want them in the shot aesthetically.

This deadpan style reminds me of Edward Hopper. His paintings are hauntingly empty and you fill that emptiness with both recognition and imagination. The scenes are commonplace and we somehow understand them. I haven’t really noticed Buddleia before so I don’t know if it’s unusually prolific this year. I think it probably is.


Manchester Wild Flowers: The Arches

Monday August 25, 2014