The beauty here is so strong you can’t ignore it. It is however a derelict and ignored place at Clayton in north Manchester. You might think I enhanced this with Photoshop. I increased the saturation very slightly, sharpened it very slightly, and nothing more. The light was warm and clear and sunny. It adds a kind of tension when I tell you about Clayton and the problems you find there. It’s not a good place and that contradicts this shot. The flowers, which are Ragwort, make the effect. The warm orange bricks and cloud effect would not be so effective without them. The name Ragwort is uncomplimentary and common. It isn’t an especially delicate or attractive flower and yet here they’re like Spanish sunflowers. This has been a good summer. Exceptional, apparently, but for me it’s felt normal. Constant grey and gloom is abnormal and yet common.


Manchester Wild Flowers: The Ragwort House

Wednesday August 27, 2014