A friend said to me once the good thing about Manchester is you can escape the place very easily. It’s a bizarre reason to like a place in one respect, but understandable in another. It is easy to escape. I can reach the motorway network in ten minutes and the airport is a short taxi ride. From this point, which is Hulme, you reach the centre in minutes and the motorways fifteen minutes away to the right. A man was seriously injured close to here, collecting rubbish from the roadside. The council has admitted liability for Health and Safety failings. The man had injuries to ribs, liver, eyes, pelvis and lungs and might easily have been killed. It’s a pleasant little place this the other side of which is residential houses. There’s a scene in The Sopranos where Tony Soprano says everything wrong in society is right there, when you’re driving along a road and another car crashes into you. That’s part of the appeal of The Sopranos, and The Godfather too, when they wage war against the system for reasons we understand. The problem is they too hurt people.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Willowherb Road

Friday August 29, 2014