These tennis courts formerly belonged to a convent school called The Hollies which was closed in 1988. The buildings were on higher ground which was sold to developers. Some of the new flats and houses around here are rather exclusive. This area is perhaps twenty feet below Barlow Moor Road. It’s flood plain, which is presumably why it’s not developed. It seems rather a waste, which adds to the odd effect of this view. If it can’t be built on, it would make a lovely nature area adjoining the River Mersey, or indeed the courts might have been maintained.

I’ve walked around here twice and there are little tracks in the surrounding woodland where others have too. I saw the remains of a fire and some carpet and wondered if a homeless person lived here. It’s both peculiar and pleasing seeing wild flowers reclaim this disused space.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Tennis Courts

Saturday August 30, 2014