The yellow pipe is permanently leaking. The Red Campion is like a fountain at the top of it. I like seeing it there, enjoying accidental health. This is Levenshulme Station. You hear train announcements above. I don’t know why the hand sign is there and this side road used to have a sign saying the The Street With No Name. I suspect there’s legislation saying you can’t name a street as you feel like it, but the situation was stupid and someone went ahead and did it regardless.

There were dodgy looking people here which made me nervous with my camera. A man approached me as I returned to my car. I got in and locked it immediately as I often do. Slam, click. Years ago a man opened my door to pursue an argument. It was something about parking but I’d done nothing wrong. I later thought I should have immediately launched some attack. Opening someone’s door like that is more than bad manners, it’s a violent intrusion on personal space with a significant level of threat.

The man here asked me if I was photographing the flowers and then raised his thumb at me. It seems he was puzzled, and then found it pleasant that I was doing so. Puzzlement and pleasantries. That’s not a bad experience to have. It was however intrusive and worrying. If it were me, I’d think the thought silently but not ask, if a chap were climbing into his car after taking a photograph, as a form of good manners.


Manchester Wild Flowers: Station Campion

Sunday August 31, 2014