If I accumulate a sufficient number of black and white shots, they could be the basis for a book. Other collections too, notably the Pyrenees, Wales, and Lake District. I have hundreds of photographs to work with. For a black and white collection I’d probably write about it’s particular aesthetic. It simplifies, makes things sculptural, gives you a feeling for the history and tradition of photography and how it started. There may be a Japanese connection in terms of art and Zen. I would probably argue as such, because in Zen simplicity and minimalism are central.

When colour photography was introduced into the art genre, like many others I didn’t like it. A colour film, 24 or 36 frame, ASA 200, is what I used for domestic snapshots. I did the art work at the school darkroom and my home darkroom. I enjoyed library books about Carter-Bresson, Kertesz and a few others. I read The Amateur Photographer in the library every week, depicting the black and white genre. The colour version of this has more impact. It’s my breakfast view at Baysellance. However I like this too. Snow, ice and clouds are good for black and white.


Pyrenees Photography: Le Vignemale Cloud 2

Saturday November 29, 2014