The two second highest hills in the Welsh Rhinogs are Fach and Fawr. I’ve walked them about six times. This is the view from Rhinog Fach looking across to Cadair Idris. The sea is close to this area of Snowdonia. The sands of Harlech are visible in the distance, pleasant beaches, and before you reach Cadair Idris you pass around the Mawdach Estuary which begins on the far side of Barmouth. It’s a fine area. I started hill walking in the Lake District. I realised the more effort I made to do it, the more I enjoyed it. I recall moments of blissful contentment, not all of them walking. In the Duddon valley for example, lying on a rock in sunshine. Driving down the road from Dockray to Ullswater seeing that magnificent lake for the first time. Unforgettable. Those are some of my best memories and they rest on a feeling for place as opposed to doing anything. I lost that feeling with long familiarity but now have it a little with this area of Wales. As with the Lake District it’s a feeling of contentment. There’s a pleasant beach for example, easily reached if you camp at Cwm Bychan or Cwm Nantcol. I remember lying there a few months ago. Cwm Nantcol is to the right of this view.


Mountains of Wales: Rhinogs to Cadair Idris

Sunday December 14, 2014