I’ve been here a few times at the end of a walking day when the light was good. I forget what the hills on the left are called but I researched it and found it’s possible to walk them. You can see that, but the point is there’s a route to follow which takes you down to the valley.

When you walk the hills regularly you build a catalogue of memories and are constantly thinking of more. The lake on the right is Llyn Ogwen. The shapely hill left to the left of it is Pen Yr Ole Wen. I’ve been at the top of it a few times, always approaching from the Carneddau which are behind it and extending to the right. There’s no reason to make the imposing ascent you see in front of you and it’s not one I will attempt. I have made arduous and unpleasant climbs, descents also, and I’ve learned the lesson. About two years ago a man died descending Pen Yr Ole Wen in winter. It was snowy and icy and I think his fall caused fatal injuries rather than immediate demise. I’m not implying it’s dangerous but rather, in that case, the conditions made it so.

I like the Carneddau. The top is a large plateau area sometimes compared to the Cairngorms. You have glimpses of the sea as you do here. The views back to Devil’s Kitchen are very fine. I have a few of those shots, with characteristic dramatic mists.

One walk I haven’t done is climb the Carneddau from the coastal areas. The planning is awkward because it would involve a linear route with uncertain end of day transport. I’ll do it some time. I’ve also not yet walked the Rhyd Ddu path up to Snowdon. That’s a linear walk too but one where you walk and return on the same path.


Snowdonia Photography: Y Garn to Sea

Tuesday June 16, 2015