The pond here on the left has no fish, no frogs, no newts. It’s quite mysterious how this happens. Why frogs like one pond but not another. It makes me think of poisoning, electromagnetic influence, the subtle effects which guide migrating birds across thousands of miles. Smell perhaps: one pond smells good, another doesn’t, not something we can detect or understand.

It’s a pleasant part of the area with attractive surrounding reeds. You see dragonflies here in the summer. I’ve photographed the reeds a few times but not with the effect I want. The sun sets behind them. The lie of the land, however, means only the tops are illumined with the rest of them in shade.

There were two other dogs this day. A tiny puppy called Lizzie and a small but larger dog called Josie. Josie was enjoying Lizzie immensely. She scampered towards her, back arched, jumping up and down while moving little. Seeking a playful response she nuzzled, lifted, knocked Lizzie over. “Josie!” her owner said disapprovingly. “It’s my Mum’s puppy” she told me. “I was terrified she was going to run away.”

I was concerned too. Little Lizzie was galloping down the path to avoid Josie. I thought I might stop her from doing so but knew if I started to run, she would run away even faster.


Mersey Valley: Pond Walkers

Monday January 18, 2016