This is a special part of Snowdonia. The Cregennen Lakes are nearby which are peculiarly atmospheric. The Mawdach Estuary is a marvellous place, ecologically and scenically. The coast line is pleasant, with a beach I enjoy a few miles from Llanbedr. The Rhinogs are exceptional: wild, rough, remote, quiet. Few people walk there. I even like Barmouth. It does have the chips shops, tattoo parlour, and occasional bikers. But it’s not Blackpool. Nothing like it.

Cadair Idris is the southerly big hill in Snowdonia, beyond which the land flattens and smooths. You then have to go further south for more big hills at the Brecon Beacons. As with Rhinog Fach and Fawr, Cadair Idris is a sea mountain. That is, you aware of the distant sea while surrounded by hills. It’s not so close as the Rhinogs are but you see it and feel it anyway.

Cadair Idris is a fine mountain with a distinctive character which I enjoy even driving down this road. It was a humid, warm day and the farmers were gathering hay. I’d been walking in the Rhinogs. Cadair Idris was covered in cloud but there was sufficient light, colour and mood to make this a fine shot.


Cadair Idris Cloud

Monday April 4, 2016