Peak District Walk: Clough House And Cumberland Brook Saturday April 20, 2013

From Manchester and other areas too what’s remarkable about the Peak District is how easily you get to it. As such, there are plenty of attractive day walks like this one, starting at a place called Clough House then climbing up beside Cumberland Brook to finish, if you wish, with refreshments at the Cat And Fiddle pub.

I decided not to visit the pub actually, because I wanted the outdoors not rip-off UK prices. As an aside – people have complained about pubs going out of business. I wonder how much of that is because of their inflated prices and price fixing nonsense which frequently applies in Britain. It’s the same with cars, the same with electronics (check out US prices and then see if Amazon will allow you to buy from the UK), and the same inflation exists in regard to housing – which we were told was not a consumer acquisition but an “investment” i.e. part of a business model not a personal necessity. Phew, and this is only a walk in the Peak District…

It’s a wonderful short walk, worth the drive from Manchester and elsewhere which takes about an hour for me. I found it, interestingly, purely by chance as I was driving around one day and saw the parking area and a footpath sign.

Much of interest is concentrated in this small little area, climbing up the hillside. There’s one outlook I find particularly photogenic, which you can find in my photo catalogue. I also describe this in the video, looking back at Shutlingsloe down the path.

If, like me, you find it difficult eating in the hills because your appetite disappears you may also, like me, find good spicy food a welcome snack. It’s rare for me to think mmmm yummy when I eat on my walks but I do enjoy samosas.

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