(Update: I will soon be changing my site very radically. That’s why it’s been dormant).

I’m James Lomax and I’ve been running this site since 2005 as a presentation space for photographs and articles. It was initially diary like – they’re called photoblogs – with no particular subject. Some of my early writing is semi academic continuing university interests. Some of the material is a teaching resource. Some of it is quite good and some of it needs editing.

I now specialise in mountain and outdoor photography. I then write about it, which makes this a literary-photo journal. I also make mountain videos. The footage here is mostly from my Pyrenees trip 2014:

BA (Hons) Literature and Psychology, PGCE (FE), MA Creative Technology, MA Photography. A training in literary analysis is uniquely and broadly valuable. It equips you with critical skills, empathy skills, and narrative understanding which is useful far beyond a literary text.

In my first MA degree I researched the photographic aesthetic to inform projects in multimedia and video. In my second MA in Photography I undertook major projects in portraiture and jazz and mountain photography, some of which is archived here.

I’m a PGCE (FE) qualified teacher with diverse experience: English, IT, and photography in Adult and Further Education.


High quality prints are available in different sizes. Every photograph is captured in RAW format and carefully edited to ensure the highest quality. My photographs are produced with care at every stage. I make technical Photoshop adjustments only, replicating traditional darkroom techniques. I use a Canon 5D, Sony A7R, Canon L Series and Sony Zeisss lenses.

Prints available at this link


To purchase my images as digital files or web-ready graphics contact me to discuss format, licensing and fees.


If you like my work and have a project in mind, short or long term, contact me as below.


Lake District photography and Pyrenees photography are where my greatest interests lie. I’ve also got plenty of words I’m playing around with.


The ideas here are mine and do not represent the views of other parties. I am not responsible for any loss, injury or damage anyone might associate with my content. You are responsible for your hill walking. My content is protected under UK and international copyright law. All rights reserved. If you want to share or re-publish it that’s probably OK but with my authorisation only.


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