Big skies and subtle colours are a defining characteristic of Peak District photography. You don’t find mountains or even big hills. Kinder Scout and similar places are large plateaux with no real summit. It’s a different kind of landscape and different kind of walking.

I know people who wild camp and backpack in the Peak District. It’s not exciting enough for me to do that. A few times I’ve considered a valley camp site, at Edale for example, but it’s not very enticing. It’s a lovely part of the Peak District but two or three would be dull. If it were sunny I’d read, nap, eat, and stroll and enjoy a pleasant break from the city. I love sleeping in a tent. Snowdonia and the Lake District are, however, far more interesting.

What I like about the Peak District is their accessibility. I can get to Lyme Park in around thirty minutes, ten minutes later and I’m in the heart of the Peaks. The transition from Manchester to these hills is astonishingly quick.


Peak District: Towards Kinder Scout

Thursday April 17, 2008