You can find Lake District places which are almost anonymous, but interesting and beautiful. You have to be very familiar with these hills to know where it is. The day was grey and overcast so I didn’t feel like walking. I went for a drive instead then stopped for a short walk at the base of a waterfall. Above the waterfall I found this tributary stream. I often fire off a few shots when I find an interesting view, then take a few more considering the light and composition more closely. Then I find the first shot is the best.

I stayed here for thirty minutes hoping sunlight would lift and vivify the colours. There was a slight change on the distant hillside. Not what I wanted, but it made some difference. The top of the far hillside is part of Grasmoor. It’s a hill I’ve come to like very much. It’s not a place that feels familiar like other hills. It feels refreshingly distant, not a place I’ve walked many times, although I have. A friend asked me once how many times I’d been to the Lake District. It’s strangely difficult to answer. I hadn’t noticed, so the question might compare to how many times I’d visited a library or local shop. I’ve walked Grasmoor perhaps eight times. I’ve walked and photographed here only once.


Mountain Photography: Towards Grasmoor

Tuesday July 22, 2008