I have about ten shots here, which is the slope above Cluse Hey at Lyme Park. It’s a photogenic location where I enjoy repeat visits. The light is always different, the colours, and the changing British weather. This is one of my favourites. What makes the place interesting is the abundant detail.

For years I thought the far slope was the Peak District outside the boundary of Lyme Park. That’s because you cross a wall to get up there and it seems wilder and more remote. Then I saw a herd of deer and realised they were Lyme Park deer.

There’s not actually much difference between the quality of the Peak District, if I might put it that way, and what you find here at the rear of Lyme Park. The fact that I drive here in around thirty five minutes is remarkable, given the size and urban density of Manchester and thus the contrast.

The Peak District is far from being my favourite hill walking place. It’s quite a special place however, because of the urban escape it offers and not only for Manchester. The same applies if you live in Sheffield and to some extent Nottingham, which are also large northern cities.


December Lyme Park Gully

Thursday December 11, 2008