This used to be one of my regular walks. Drive to Cockley Beck, which takes about two hours, park, walk up here then to High Gait Crags, Crinkle Crags, and back down to the car. Then I would drive to Eskdale, or possibly Wasdale, for another Lake District trip. I tried to make the evening meal deadline if it was Eskdale.

My favourite place is The Boot Inn, formerly The Burnmoor Inn. I used to know people working there. The owner, a chap called Harry, sold the place some years ago. It deteriorated if you like friendly, informal places with a good local feeling. The last time I was there the staff were in uniform. The feeling was corporate.

The descent from Crinkle Crags is never easy. You can take a direct line down the hillside and I usually did. It’s not pleasant. You’re tired and have to battle rough ground, lumpy, tussocky, irritating. You want it to stop. We all have those moments in the hills.

I decided there might be a reasonable path if you walk along further. In parts this is true but there’s not much of it and I’m not sure the route is better. Next time, I decided, I will climb up to Crinkle Crags to see if there’s a path I’ve missed. There was, slightly, but if you go that way you traverse across in the wrong direction, towards a col and small tarn above Langdale.

It’s a long trek and on this occasion I set off later in the day and arrived in the afternoon for an evening camp. In the fresh morning the next day, I continued with the walk.

That’s the Scafells peeping above the skyline in the distance. I prefer the path from Brotherilkeld – seeing the Scafells loom and unfold as you climb – but walking up Moasdale is another fine Scafells approach.


Wild Camping Photography: Moasdale To Scafells

Monday May 25, 2009