One of my best wild camps ever was here at Blackbeck Tarn. It’s a wonderful situation and the weather was perfect. The night was warm, calm and windless, and I woke the next day to the same. My tent wasn’t even rustling, which it does in the slightest breeze.

Pillar was the second last big walk for me to discover. Last was above Buttermere, and I waited for a good time for it. One grey day was not good enough, and I cam back home.

Pillar was a joyous discovery and I climbed here several times, in one year, after the first. The views on one side are across to my final Buttermere walk, which is equally scenic. On the other side you have views to Wasdale.


English Lake District: Blackbeck Tarn To Pillar

Wednesday June 17, 2009