I’m not a huge fan of the Peak District per se in relation to other places. The Lake District is more beautiful and dramatic, Snowdonia wilder and craggier and higher. For many years the former was my favourite and it took a long time for me to appreciate the latter. Now I prefer it. Snowdonia is my preferred place for camping, wild camping, and walking. I write this in 2016.

The comparisons are fascinating but the qualities of Wales I like are the peace, quiet, wildness. There’s no tourism in parts of the Arans for example. Come down at the end of the day and you find a barely used shop open a few mornings a week and a pub. Nothing more. No gift shops, hotels, crowds of people. A few pubs and shops catering as much for locals at Llanbedr below the Rhinogs.

The Peak District is wonderful however for good, long, healthy days then back to Manchester for a curry. Sheffield is nearby too, and Nottingham people travel to the Peaks also. It’s a hugely popular National Park. I read once it’s the most popular of all, and Kinder Scout is the highest location. What I especially like is the big skies of the Peak District and lovely colours of the fields. You also find these curvaceous rocks like sculpture, which translate very effectively into black and white.


Kinder Scout Boulders

Saturday April 7, 2012