Scotland stands apart. You have to learn for example, be very careful with petrol. If you drive around the highlands you could easily find yourself stranded with the nearest petrol station many miles away and open limited hours only. The walking is of course superb, and driving is a pleasure too. So much to see.

Scotland is aesthetically similar to the Lake District but there’s more to explore and the hills are higher. You become familiar with the Lake District in a few years. For most people Scotland is a lifetime of discovery. I met a chap halfway through his second round of Munros. He said if he could never go abroad again he’d be happy with Scotland. There are many islands there too, not only the well known Skye, Arran, Iona, Jura, Harris and Mull. He’d visited about sixty.

I periodically think about living up there but for me it wouldn’t be a good idea. I struggle already with the relative gloom of northern England. Even the south of England is gloomy compared to the south of France and the Pyrenees. I must have sunshine.

Alligin is, as you can see, a marvelous walk. Scotland is tame compared to the Pyrenees, Alps, and beyond. That doesn’t matter because mountain beauty doesn’t correlate with magnitude. When the sun is there, Scotland is as good as any other mountain area.


Mountain Images: Beinn Alligin View

Monday July 2, 2012