Quite a nice place for a camp. The stream to the left was suitable for water, although I nuked it with chlorine dioxide because of nearby cows. There was a shallow pool to the rear where I could wash after a sunny day.

I’d been lost, and gone down a rough bouldery hillside towards a lake I thought was Airoto. The problem was I had no guide book here because I was taking a short cut, and I needed a larger scale map. There are times when you simply don’t have enough information and – alarmingly – there’s an element of guess work.

It was a foul and rough descent and I was exhausted but determined to climb back up the hillside as an act of damage limitation so the next day wasn’t spoilt. Marching soldiers find reserves of energy they don’t realise they have. So do determined Pyrenees hikers. I was staggering for the last twenty minutes, before I found this pitch.


Pyrenees Wild Camping: Near Estany Superior De Rosari

Monday August 27, 2012