I left my rucksack like this while I went scrambling up the ridge. It was uncomfortably heavy. At worst, about seventeen or eighteen kilos. This slowly reduces as you eat your food and burn your fuel – which in my case was a litre bottle of meths bought in Fance. Alcool de bruler is what they call it and it’s very difficult to pronounce. Vous avez alcool de bruler I said and they didn’t know what I was talking about it. It’s all about the sound of the words, the vowels in particular, which makes French quite difficult.

I had five or six packets of Quorn slices from England and two tubes of vegetable pate from a wholefood shop, tea, dried soup etc supplemented with supplies from local shops. I’m vegetarian but even if you’re not, Quorn slices are a fine component of mountain supplies.


Pyrenees Photography Book: Coll De Curios

Friday September 7, 2012