I started to get anxious about a dangerous Pyrenean storm. As I made my way along the ridge two parties were coming back which makes no difference to the circumstances, but worries you nonetheless. I walked as fast as I could to get to the distant French summit then wasn’t far behind the other people when I came back. They didn’t seem bothered by the black skies but the ridge is very exposed if a storm suddenly breaks.

High Pyrenees weather can be challenging with hail the size of golf balls, horizontal rain and most dangerous of all – lightning. Three years ago I finished the trek from Lescun to Gavarnie and was back down at the camp site in Luz St Saveur, to return the next day. The air felt like treacle, the sky was black and after fifteen minutes a storm broke in the mountains which was frightening, even in the safety of a town where all we endured was heavy rain. I wondered if my tent was strong enough and considered dashing into the village to find a room.


Pyrenees Photography Book: Mont Roig 10

Sunday September 30, 2012