In the last few years we’ve seen corruption exposed in the church, banks, politicians, and now its the BBC. I was once in Roundhay Park in Leeds and Jimmy Saville was there with an entourage of minders. There seems something wrong with society and how it works. Add to such issues ecological concerns about pollution, global warming, the chemical rape of the land and how over population exacerbates all of this – and the future’s not looking good. The last ten or twenty years seems to be a crisis era, also including worldwide religious conflicts. I think a meaningful retreat from society, whether you do it philosophically or literally – preferably both – is an important pursuit. The rain here threatened its approach but it didn’t arrive on the ridge. An hour or two later it fell, down in the valley as I made my way down to a camp site where I rested for a couple of days and got supplies.


Pyrenees Photography: Mont Roig Rain

Monday October 8, 2012