I read a book a few years ago, An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro. I like his work and more recently read Never Let Me Go. The floating world is his description for artistic practice, like it’s a domain you can inhabit. In some respects art, and literature in particular, is very much like that: a realm where you are imaginatively free which heals – as Jeanette Winterson put it – the rupture that reality creates on your imagination. I think for some people, it’s hard to find a sense of ‘home’ in any ordinary way. There’s a correlation between an external ‘home’ and an internal ‘home’ but it’s the latter which is important, which you take with you wherever you are. I quite enjoy sleeping in a tent and most of all, waking in the morning amongst the mountains. Occasionally however it can feel a little desolate. That’s how it was here, below Mont Roig.


Pyrenees Hiking: Bivouac Below Mont Roig Roig

Wednesday October 10, 2012