In any long trek you find there are punctuating moments which for no obvious reason are particularly resonant. I stopped here for lunch, and remember it well. I had some decent food at this point having recently resupplied: baguette, tomatoes and cheese, with a juicy peach and a few muesli biscuits to finish. I carry a tiny Swiss army knife which has a blade, scissors, and nail file. As a tool, it works very well. If you’re hiking for a week or more you have to cut your nails which the scissors do effectively but clumsily, so the file then smooths the hacks. The blade cut my baguette into manageable pieces and sliced through cheese, tomatoes and peach. I clean it very carefully by sucking it and wiping it on grass and leaves. This was a pleasant little area, an ideal place to stop and eat, which would also be a good place for a bivouac. It’s about an hour from the isolated little hamlet called Noarre.


Pyrenees Hiking: Between Noarre and Certascan

Thursday October 11, 2012