The Certascan refuge is about thirty minutes from here. On this trip to the Pyrenees, 2012, I didn’t eat in any of the huts or bother trying to camp near to them. I can’t speak Spanish, there’s always a problem when you have a vegetarian diet, and you’re not allowed to camp close to them so it was all too much effort. This made for a rather lonely trek compared to other trips where I’ve used French huts for evening meals and conversation. The view here was impressive but it was a chilly evening with grey skies so I ate and then snuggled down in my sleeping bag, reading my book, hoping it didn’t rain or get colder. The next morning two walkers woke me at 8.30, their voices interrupting the silence as they walked around the lake. They must have started out from the refuge.


Pyrenees Camping: Certascan

Monday October 15, 2012