“This was a place out of a dream, a fierce landscape of chasms and glowering cliffs and a vast unpredictable sky. Everywhere was the same but everywhere was different…(you feel your)…eyes wide open, straining to find something they (can) understand” – Kate Grenville in The Secret River. There’s a delicious disorientation when you walk big mountains whereby you are deliberately lost. You never quite know where you are in the sense that you don’t know what comes next:whatever orientation you have is partial compared to navigating a city. It’s a refreshing experience when your mind reaches out trying to find your place and make sense of it, projecting a meaning which is not intrinsic. Our relationship to environments is usually conditioned, dulled, and controlled by social circumstances. In the mountains you have to work it all out, inventing yourself as you find track, route and direction which are themselves invented – projected – onto the landscape.


Pyrenees Mountains: Certascan Lake

Tuesday October 16, 2012