This beautiful lake was another (lake) highlight of my trip. I enjoyed it even more after taking the wrong path and dropping down a hillside wasting about an hour. It simply wasn’t clear in Ton Joosten’s book when all he says is “go left.” I realised something was wrong and consulted with a small party who I imagine were a grandfather and two young people. The elderly chap insisted no, no, the book was wrong and the path I wanted was further down the hillside and then turn left. The route I wanted was across some wild land where in parts you had to improvise a path because none existed. I decided I really didn’t want to miss the lake so climbed up the hill again and worked it out. Furthermore – I later realised – had I followed the chap’s advice I would have got dangerously lost at the point where, following the book, I could work it out; but coming from his advised track it would have needed guess work.


Pyrenees Mountains: Romedo de Dalt

Wednesday October 17, 2012