It was very pleasant walking down to this point, from Romedo de Dalt which in turn is the walk from the Certascan refuge. Two things to say about this. Firstly, this is an example of an image which works far better in black and white because the colours weren’t especially effective. Converting it changed the aesthetic, which meant in turn it worked best in a square format. It’s not one of my favourite pictures from the trip, but one worth producing as a record of this area. Secondly, the path comes down at the left of the lake and passes what I assume is either an air release tunnel or a maintenance entrance to a hydroelectric installation. The roar of water from this entrance was tremendous and oddly disturbing: you sensed danger, but there was none. At this point on the route you have to take a sharp right which takes you down a hillside, pleasant at first, but which then becomes quite rough and irritating where in parts no path exists.


Pyrenees Mountains: Romedo de Baix

Saturday October 20, 2012