As you descend the hillside, the book refers to a waterfall. As with other parts of Ton Joosten’s book it’s not always clear what he means since there are other waterfalls above this one. When you arrive however, you realise he’s referring to this. I had a quick break here, scooping up some water in my titanium mug. In most parts of the Pyrenees I’ve experienced, at a reasonable height the water is safe to drink without treating it. Two years ago however, I met a chap who was undertaking the HRP and he’d suffered an infection for a few days. We talked and had dinner at a camp site in Benasque; he took a photo of me descending a hillside at the Portillon refuge and I took a shot of him at the camp site. It would be fun to catch up and swap photos. We exchanged e mails but his appears not to exist and he may well have lost mine and forgotten my name. So, Google, take note and facilitate this: Graeme Bell from Scotland, resident in London, some kind of computer programming consultant.


Pyrenees Mountains: Romedo de Baix Waterfall

Sunday October 21, 2012