I arrived here, exhausted, at about 9.30 in the evening. The climb up to the col which you can see on the skyline was slow, grueling, and punishing. Sometimes you just force yourself on, step by step by step. The Baborte refuge is up on the hillside above the lakes. I didn’t see anyone there but the following morning a chap was wandering around this lake with a fishing rod then I saw a tent and a few other people. Pleasant, no doubt, if you’re not vegetarian. You walk past the lakes, up to a small col, then down a steep wooded hillside. This was coming towards the end of my trip. It’s fun to recount it, step by step, through photographs; sometimes adding further reflections based on what I’m reading, thinking about etc now I’m back home. This was a nice pitch with comfortable flat grass and – as you can see – an excellent water supply. I was determined to wash there the night before. It was dark and cold but not as cold as I thought it would be.


Pyrenees Mountains: Baborte Camping

Monday October 22, 2012