I wanted to photograph this lake and then show it here, but as I viewed it in Photoshop I decided it wasn’t distinctive enough for that. Converting it to black and white increases the drama for what was, actually, a pleasant sunny day. Deep blue skies translate into black or near black when you apply the digital equivalent of an orange or red photographic filter. I’m reading another Kate Grenville, The Lieutenant. She writes, in regard to social slavery which you escape in the hills: “His Majesty had no use for any of the thoughts and sensibilities and wishes that a man might contain, much less the disobedience to which he might be inspired. To bend to the king’s will required the suspension of human response. A man was obliged to become part of the mighty imperial machine. To refuse was to become inhuman in another way…a walking dead man” (29). Pedestrian activity in the mountains frees you from all such binds.


Pyrenees Mountains: Baborte Lake

Tuesday October 23, 2012