Towards the end of my trip I realised I had a spare day better spent in the mountains than Toulouse, or possibly an Andorran town which I’d descend to before getting the connections back to France. I cut this walking day in two so it became a very leisurely amble with lunch at the nearby Ferrera refuge and a bivouac here at Pla de Boet.

I was, actually, quite fed up at this stage and wanted to finish my trek. I’d had a pleasant sunbathing rest here after lunch but then around four or five o’clock it clouded over and became chilly. Everything changes when it’s grey and cold, and for the worse. The next morning however was beautifully sunny and as I look at this photograph now it strikes me as a lovely view I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. That was partly because of fatigue and my mood and partly because you enjoy an image better when you isolate it, as here, and enjoy it for what it is.

Photographically, the light here was quite tricky and as part of my Photoshop editing I applied a neutral density digital filter to the entire image. Without that, it’s somewhat insipid and dull. I was very attracted to those skyline peaks. You can see them from the refuge and I wondered if they could be explored. My tent was pitched for the night about twenty feet from here. I tried a pitch further down the plateau but there’s a waterfall at the end which is quite noisy. Note to novice campers: sizable rivers and waterfalls, pleasant in the day, are not good places to sleep. I did it once beside a roaring river at the back of Glaramara, because I had no choice. It’s an uncomfortable experience.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Pla de Boet

Wednesday October 24, 2012