This is almost at the end of my walking trip, Pyrenees 2012. I’ve enjoyed slowly, meditatively working through the journey again with my photographs. There was a Spanish chap here, this being Spain, beside the Baiau refuge which is a basic corrugated steel construction. I think his name was Peter, or Pedro in Spanish. He was an amusing chap who said signs saying a walk took three hours when it required five were “having a laugh” and he “felt stupid” because he was photographing huts then immediately returning to valleys, working for his sister who was building an information web site. He wasn’t enjoying the mountains by spending time there, as such. I went seriously wrong here and it’s Ton Joosten’s fault. He describes in his book how you go down to the lake here on the left, skirt around the side of it, pass a few boulders and then “turn left” up the hill. Which is precisely what I did. You can see the path I climbed from this viewpoint (although not in this photograph) which makes it doubly easy to follow because you are scanning ahead, looking for the route, and you think you are seeing it here beside the refuge. In fact he is referring to larger boulders than those you first encounter, further around the lake, leading to another path and up to the Coma Pedrosa refuge.


Pyrenees Mountain Book: Hiker at Baiau Lakes

Thursday October 25, 2012