This is Spain, and over the back of these peaks a short distance away lies Andorra. The Baiau refuge is up a steep but short climb to the left. It would be a good place to spend a night if you don’t mind huts. I would never get any sleep in a small space crammed full of strangers. That in turn means feeling ill with fatigue the next day. If you are a large group or family you could install yourself in a refuge and have a very merry time. I saw this at the Mont Roig refuge – two families of two teenage girls, a small boy, four adults, and a comfortable supply of food and coffee. I sat nearby after I’d climbed Mont Roig then one of the girls invited me to the table where I could eat more comfortably. They were having a great time; very happy. A chap arrived in the doorway of the hut, didn’t stay or come into it, but smiled at the laughter and joy of the families. Unfortunately I can’t speak Spanish but these international table gatherings can be very pleasant. If you have a tent, a camp beside these lakes would also be fine way to spend the night.


Pyrenees Mountain Book: Baiau Lakes

Friday October 26, 2012