In the Martin Scorcese film Casino Robert De Niro describes the floor as follows: “The players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players, the boxmen are watching the dealers, the floormen are watching the boxmen, the pit bosses are watching the floormen, the shift bosses are watching the pit bosses, the casino manager is watching the shift bosses, I’m watching the casino manager and the eye in the sky is watching us all” Is that not an analogy for the contemporary world? Everyone with a different angle, within a systems This is one reason why I take to the hills: to escape the poisonous nonsense of the world. Outdoors writer Edward Abbey said “politics is the morality of violence.” Politics exists because people always fight. This photograph is not scenically interesting but it’s the first shot I took, the entranceway to the hills after I’d flown, taken a bus, taken a train, hitched, hitched again, slept at nearby Vielha, hitched down the valley through the Vielha tunnel – and then finally set off, leaving society behind. I had, curiously, just vomited up my lunch. I couldn’t keep it down after I drank a litre of water on top of it.


Mountain Reflections

Tuesday October 30, 2012