Mountain photography is typically dramatic. I myself have shots of the Eiger, Pic du Midi d’Osseau, Torridon hills, the Scafells, Snowdon, and more. But I don’t think drama, paradoxically, is why these images are so beautiful. The high views, the vast panoramas, tremendous slopes, certainly have this association: but something more too. The more vast something is, the more simple it is. A teacher of mine once said to me wisdom is the ability to be common, not rare. Consider how so much of society is contrary to this: how people strive for elevation over others, power over others, control over others, money and success greater than that of others. In this respect a simple photograph such as this, at Bradwell Edge in the Peak District, has an equal evocative effect as you find with big mountains. The message is the same. Life is like this. Simple. We forget. Here it is, again. We consider, in other words, the nature of consciousness and how landscape assists this process.


Peak District Light: The Simplicity Of Hills

Sunday November 11, 2012