“Wrongness is a window into normal human nature…it is wrongness, not rightness, that can teach us who we are” (Being Wrong, Kathryn Schulz: 5). We are constantly told lies. Politicians do it, religions do it, academics, corporations, scientists and doctors do it. A lie can be simple and clear, or vague and deceptive, but with similar effect. One lie perpetuates another and then it never stops. One reason I like the hills is because no lies are there. The lies are back in the city where liars live. Cities are contested spaces full of contesting, lying, fighting people. The hills are a place of simple truths. You walk, drink, eat, sleep, and navigate. If you walk the wrong way that represents a kind of lie for which you can’t be blamed, but where the consequences are the same. The hills are as they are.


Retreating To Edale

Saturday November 17, 2012