There’s good walking here, on a plateau area below Foel Goch and the Carneddau. On this occasion I didn’t get much higher. I sat, gazed, photographed a rocky slope, and pondered if it was worth climbing any more if only to view the sea. Then these black skies came closer and I realised conditions were getting worse, so there was no point. When I got down to the valley there was some rain although mostly still on the tops. Cwm Eigeau and Llyn Eigeau are down below in the distance. When I walked the skyline ridge two years ago, I met a party of youngsters and their teachers. I joked with one of the girls about her struggle: she was walking doubled over with effort but with a grin on her face. I asked the teacher if they were camping overnight which they were, and he joked about proximity to water. I said I suppose it’s not essential, that you could manage without it, and he joked back “but it doesn’t ‘alf help”.


Wales Photography: Below Foel Goch

Saturday November 24, 2012