“After the meal Rooke, like everyone else, was glad to roll himself into his blanket. His thighs quivered from the day of remorseless up and down, he had been bitten by a thousand insects and the blanket was insufficient against the cold of the night. But, as sleep descended, the thought came to him: There is nowhere in the world that I would rather be” (The Lieutenant, Kate Grenville, 97). There’s an element of voluntary suffering when you walk the hills; not so much with day trips but certainly with multi day adventures using a tent. You still want to be there, despite the discomfort. The Lake District levels out into this distant view. It’s worth driving up the length of Ullswater, which is over there, to explore. I did this in summer once and enjoyed a contrast of flat sunny fields close to black moody skies around Helvellyn. It’s worth chasing the sun sometimes.


Lake District Photography: Helvellyn Plateau (2)

Monday December 3, 2012